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Restorative Dentistry in Laguna Niguel

man smilingDr. Samiee specializes in aesthetic dentistry, working with you to get your perfect smile. When you come into our Laguna Niguel office, we’ll discuss all your options to get the changes you desire. We want to give you the simplest, most effective care.

These options include:


We understand that spaces between your teeth can really affect your smile and your self-esteem, and we want to help! read more»


At our office, we use only metal-free crowns, and use a lab that ensures you won’t see the grey coloring underneath the crowns like you have in the past.

If you’re unhappy with a cracked or broken tooth, we can cover it with a crown that looks and feels just like a real tooth! read more»


Are crooked teeth keeping you from that perfect smile? We can have you smiling again in no time with state-of-the-art invisible braces, and only you know they’re there! read more»

Mercury-free Fillings

Many of our patients are concerned about the effects of mercury in silver (amalgam) fillings, so we offer a mercury-free alternative that matches the color of your tooth! read more»

Tooth Whitening

Stained teeth can affect your self-confidence and your smile. Our in-house and at-home dental whitening procedures will leave you with a whiter, brighter smile. read more»

At our office, we have multiple options for you to choose from to whiten your teeth:

  • Venus White® professional tooth whitening in-office treatment
  • Custom made whitening trays and Opalescence Tooth Whitening® at-home treatment


Porcelain veneers provide a conservative approach to correct gaps, imperfections and chips in teeth that are in your “smile zone.” read more»

At OC Lifetime Dental we offer you options to meet all your dental needs. Call us today to find out how we can help you! (949) 421-5033

Restorative Dentistry | Laguna Niguel | Mission Viejo

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