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Orthodontics Laguna Niguel

Align Your Smile at OC Lifetime DentalClear braces Laguna Niguel

Our family practice offers comprehensive orthodontic treatment to adults and children. Whether you’re an adult hoping to enhance your smile’s appearance or a teen with a few crooked teeth, Dr. Samiee and her team can help you look your best and feel confident again.

You Choose: Braces or Clear Aligners

Choose the type of orthodontic system that best fits your lifestyle, budget and oral health needs. We provide the following kinds of braces and clear aligners in our practice:


Clear braces are a reality with Invisalign removable aligners. Adults (and teens, too) are great candidates for this discreet treatment option. With Invisalign, you’ll enjoy straighter teeth without having to wear brackets and wires. Instead, you change out the trays every two weeks.

Six Month Smiles

Have a straighter looking smile in less than half a year. Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth people see first, the ones at the front of your mouth, providing a faster and aesthetic alternative for people who do not need comprehensive orthodontic therapy.

Traditional Braces

Conventional orthodontics are ideal for children and teens. They work quickly, effectively and are affordable. Most patients complete their treatment within 12-24 months; we can provide you with an estimated time frame during your orthodontic evaluation.

Tooth-Colored Braces

Adults who need the accuracy of conventional braces but don’t like the idea of metal brackets can opt for this cosmetic alternative. The porcelain (white) appliances blend in with your teeth so that they’re not noticeable during everyday social encounters.

When Should My Child Have an Orthodontic Evaluation?

Orthodontic and dental experts recommend that all children have their bite evaluated by age 7. At this point, your son or daughter will have a combination of adult and primary (baby) teeth. This phase of development allows us to predict potential orthodontic concerns.

Do Adults Make Good Candidates for Braces?

Absolutely! Adults are typically more invested in their treatment outcome when it comes to straightening their teeth. Orthodontic therapy is a great way to improve your oral health and lower the risk of common dental problems (such as premature wear, TMJ disorder and gum disease). It’s never too late to enjoy a straighter smile.

Your Evaluation

During your initial orthodontic exam, we’ll will take a series of photographs and molds of your teeth. From there we can discuss the strategy for aligning your bite, any specific concerns you have, a timeline and the overall cost of your treatment.

Free Orthodontic Consultations

Request your complimentary evaluation to find out which type of braces is right for you!


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