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Dental Implants for Laguna Niguel

dental implantOur titanium dental implants are a long-lasting alternative to bridges and dentures. The techniques used by Dr. Samiee enable us to fit Laguna Niguel patients with dental implants even when a tooth has been gone for some time.

How It Works

There are three different stages to the procedure used in dental implants:

  • Extraction of tooth and letting the area heal
  • Placing the implant and letting the area heal
  • Placing a crown on top of the implant

If your tooth is already gone, we’ll move right into the second step of placing the implant. These visits will be spread out over three to six months, depending on your oral health. We also offer our patients a temporary option to cover the implant prior to the crown being placed.

Quick Healing and Recovery

This mild procedure works with bone, not the nerves, so we can perform the procedure comfortably. Your home care can involve an over-the-counter pain medication for any discomfort you may experience.

Contact OC Lifetime Dental today to find out more about our permanent option to replace teeth and leave you with a great smile!


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